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Biblical-Based Training for Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.
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Meet Elliott

Entrepreneur, inventor, 

author, motivational speaker, and more.

Elliott Eddie is Chairman/CEO of DM Media, Inc., author of six published books, worldwide distributed independent filmmaker of six films, four-time Virginia Public Speaking Champion, two-time Internationally Awarded Public Speaker and 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist and the inventor of the world's first and only STEM Accredited entrepreneur board game for children and adults know as The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks.

As an entrepreneur, Elliott has built a company which boasts six small businesses operating in the black


You were created for more; now you can learn all of the business lessons you need to go into the land which Jehovah has sworn to give to you. In this FREE workshop, you will learn;

  • The Mindset and promises of God guaranteed to the entrepreneur in Christ.

  • How to know what business you should open.

  • The Business Plan: Your Roadway to Success.

  • Creation Plan: Corporations, LLC's, Partnerships, and Non-Profit Corporations- Articles and Bylaws creation.

  • Business Operations: This is where success and/or failure is measured. Learn the importance of Back office, budgeting, filing, planning and work ethics to succeed.

  • Products and Going to Market: Black Label Products, and Inventions. Sourcing in the U.S and Overseas

  • Protecting your Company and Product: Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents, how to register them successfully.

  • Your Pitch Deck: How to put together the components of a successful pitch for potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders.

  • Getting Investors: How to create successful Crowdfunding Campaigns and interest Angel Investors in your business and/or products and services.

  • Launching Your Product: How to plan for and execute a successful product launch, including an Amazon product launch.

  • Marketing, Branding, Growing: How to create a plan to market and brand your business worldwide for consistent growth.

  • Business Taxes: Learn what you need to know about how business taxes work, how to plan for taxes, what you can or cannot deduct, and how to keep your tax rates low like the wealthy 1%.

This is the most comprehensive Entrepreneur Workshop available, and it is FREE. 
If you want to open your own business, you need all of this information!

12-Week Entrepreneurship Workshop

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Blueprint For Prosperity:

Creation, Dispossession and War

There are many books written about the prosperity that is in Christ and how God longs to give it to us. Scriptures declare that God has provided everything that we need that pertains to life and to godliness; however, what are the step by step instructions on how to receive it and walk in it? If God's desire is for us to the be head and not the tail, how do we walk in that...what do we do specifically to possess the land and walk in the promise?

This book is revelation from the throne room of God. Not only are we New Creations in Christ, created in God's likeness and image, but dominion over the earth is declared upon us and imparted to us by God Himself. Now is the time to walk in the manifestation of that dominion. We know His will, but we must also know His ways in order to walk into the inheritance that is bestowed upon us in Christ. How does God operate? When God does a work, how does He accomplish it? When God created everything seen and unseen, how did He do it? This book will show you, from Old Testament and New Testament, how God does what He does and what we must do to operate in the earth like Him.For Entrepreneurs: this book will help you create, form and establish an Anointed business that cannot fail.For the Body of Christ: this book will show you how God has designed us to operate in the earth so that we can walk in the manifested glory of Christ every day of our lives.

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